March 4, 2020

A press statement from the Ministry of Health in Uganda noted an outbreak of the Corona Virus disease; which was declared by the People’s Republic of China on 31 December 2019. This outbreak has now spread to all continents and over 47 countries are currently affected. This has greatly affected the global tourism and travel industry as this has put a limitation on travel to and from various countries.

Interventions in Uganda & travel recommendations by the Ministry of Health
According to the Ministry of Health, Uganda has no confirmed case of Corona Virus (COVID-19) as of March 3, 2020. In order to maintain this status, a number of travelers majorly from China and other countries showing signs similar to those of Corona Virus have been put under isolation for follow up and are being monitored by the Ministry of Health Surveillance teams. 

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has advised that travelers from affected countries will be required to undergo a 14-day isolation process for daily monitoring by the Ministry of Health. These countries include; China, South Korea, Japan, Italy and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Travel recommendations to the Uganda travel trade
It is therefore the recommendation and encouragement of the Uganda Tourism Board that intended travelers to Uganda from the affected countries maintain their bookings but delay their travel until a later date when the disease is globally contained and no longer considered an outbreak.
Additionally, due to the current threat posed by Corona Virus to Uganda travel trade and tourism assets, it is the recommendation of the Uganda Tourism Board that;

  • All tour operators, travel agencies, and accommodation facilities provide handwashing facilities with soap at their premises and on-board travel vehicles and vessels
  • To improve preparedness as a sector, tour operators, agencies and accommodation facilities are encouraged to maintain a stock of recommended masks (N95) for their clients
  • All tour operators and travel agencies should encourage clients who intend to visit Uganda to carry own recommended masks (N95)
  • All tour operators, travel agencies and accommodation facilities should educate their staff and clients (visitors) on preventive measures for the mitigation of contracting Coronavirus
  • These measures include; avoiding handshakes and body-hugging, washing hands with disinfectants, regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces such as door handles

The government of Uganda is committed to keeping the country free of this outbreak and we remain confident in the proven track record of the Ministry of Health in preventing and in other cases containing such similar outbreaks.

We call upon the Uganda travel trade to be vigilant and follow the recommended measures by the Ministry of Health and report any suspicious cases to the toll-free numbers here: 0800 100066 and 0800 203033.

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