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The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is the official Government destination market organization with the responsibility to promote and market Uganda as the preferred tourism destination in Africa. In this UTB works with other government agencies and the private business operators in the tourism sector. UTB does not run private tours, but represents the tourism industry players and promotes all for the public benefit.

UTB regulates both the travel and tour businesses, and the commercial accommodations in Uganda. It is tasked with the inspection of all tourist services and facilities in order to ensure conformity with international standards.

The functions of the Uganda Tourism Board include but are not limited to:

  • To formulate, in cooperation and in consultation with the private sector and relevant entities, a marketing strategy for tourism in Uganda.
  • To implement the marketing strategy and to promote Uganda as an attractive and sustainable tourist destination.
  • To encourage and promote domestic tourism within Uganda.
  • To encourage investment in the tourism sector and wherever possible, to direct such investment to the less developed tourism areas.
  • To promote and sponsor educational programs and training in the tourism sector including schools, in consultation and cooperation with appropriate entities.  Download the Uganda Tourism Act 2008_act_2008   for more information.

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