Popularly refered to as the Adrenaline Capital of East Africa by tourists, a visit to Jinja city must be top of your Things-to-do list in 2022.

Positioned on the pristine opposite bank of River Nile, 50 miles away from Kampala city on the East, Jinja is the most sought after rafting destination in Uganda possessing the charming premium grade 5 white water rapids.

This city is a stand-alone ripe safari destination in East Africa offering a collection of numerous adventures that even first-time tourists can enjoy from during their holiday in Uganda, with white water rafting toping the exploration menu.

About White Water Rafting

River Nile has upto 5 grade rapids – as the white water rafting activity is dubbed as the most ‘’adrenaline raising experience’’ against the backdrop that first time rafters can try out their nautical fortune so long as they adhere to safety precautions. Grades; 1 – 3 are simple sailing phases, while Grades 4 and 5 are stronger rapids towards the Itanda falls, they are usually challenging grades though dangerous as  they hit each other few heights with freshwaters.

Though rafting is not for the faint of heart; this once in a life time drift experience will enable you navigate the longest 20 Km stretch of the river through ferocious rapids on floating tubed boats lasting between 3 – 5 hours while adrenaline pumping with short break-offs to grab refreshments.

However, there are several reputable companies in Jinja city offering white water rafting activities. These consider safety of tourists’ key, as they deploy an entire safety team that gives padding instructions together with full; first aid kits, stretchers and several safety kayakers.

Besides rafting, this beautiful city has a calm tropical atmosphere, lush green flora and several tourist attractions with River Nile as her trade mark which also houses; Owen falls dam and Bujagali falls. Jinja is popular for accommodating the oldest industries in Uganda, ancient Asian architectural house units, plus her enriching spiritual tales.

The City also serves a hidden gem for tourism activities comprising; Bungee jumping, Sport fishing, boat rides, kayaking, horse riding, source of the Nile tour, quad biking, visiting the Victoria Nile and Bujagali falls, Nile reptile tank tour, Griffin falls, source of the nile museum among many more.  Visitors are also bound to experience the City’s nightlife as the adventurous and fun city never goes to repose with dozens of relaxing places and bars such as; Babez, The Office bar and Restaurant, Spot six, Sombreros, Nile View Casino, Queens Palace, 2 friends, The Bourbon, Big Bicks Bar, Spot 6 among several others, plus its home to exquisite tourist accommodation places including; tented campsites, resorts, hotels, and safari lodges to make living in the city unforgettable.